How to trade on decentralised exchange with MetaMask Wallet?

A guide on how to setup and use MetaMask Wallet to trade on TokenMarket exchange

The TokenMarket Exchange offers users a variety of ways to buy and sell tokenised assets on its non-custodial token exchange. The TokenMarket Exchange delivers the benefits and the security of a decentralised exchange, allowing you to control your tokens with your digital wallet at all times while offering you the convenience and improved user experience. Here are brief instructions on how to trade after you have registered on the TokenMarket Exchange.

  1. Register on TokenMarket and follow the steps to verify your identity.

  2. Sign up for a MetaMask Wallet, for holding and managing your tokens or cryptocurrencies.

  3. Add some ETH or some ERC-20 tokens that are listed on the TokenMarket Exchange into your wallet. For example, you can buy ETH on services like, or similar, and send it to your MetaMask Wallet.

  4. On the TokenMarket Exchange, make a deposit to your Exchange balance and start trading.

Here are further details on how to start trading.

MetaMask Wallet

If you do not have a MetMask Wallet setup - check the instructions on how to setup your MetaMask Wallet here.

After you have the MetaMask Wallet setup on your browser, follow the instructions below to start trading on the TokenMarket Exchange -

  • Sign-in into your MetaMask Wallet on your browser.

  • Then return back to the TokenMarket Exchange site.

  • Click on ‘My Wallet’ to view your balances.

  • In order to trade you must deposit funds from your MetaMask Wallet (‘Wallet Balance’) into the exchange (‘Exchange Balance’).

  • Once you have selected a cryptocurrency to deposit with to start to trade you will be prompted by MetaMask to confirm your deposit to your ‘Exchange Balance’. Please note, in certain cases the MetaMask Wallet doesn’t show a pop-up screen for confirmation, but instead shows a small notification icon only, as shown in the image. Please check your MetaMask each time you deposit, create an order, and withdraw.

  • Which will then prompt you to confirm the transaction via the MetaMask Wallet.

  • Your deposit will then be processed through the Ethereum blockchain. Do bear in mind that if the blockchain is congested this can take a few minutes.

  • After a minute simply refresh your screen and find your updated balance on the ‘My Wallet’ tab.

  • Now return to ‘Exchange’ and find a cryptocurrency you would like to buy or sell.

  • You will have the option to either buy at market price (Market Order) or at a certain price (Limit Order) to find a more suited price.

  • Simply select how many tokens you would like to purchase and how much you are willing to pay per token in ETH value below.

  • Once you have double checked the information you provided is to your satisfaction create your market or limit order.

  • After submitting your order you will again be prompted by MetaMask to sign a digital signature to confirm this trade via the TokenMarket Exchange smart contract. As mentioned above, if you don’t notice a pop-up screen from your MetaMask, please open the MetaMask and confirm the order.

  • Once successfully completed you will be able to see your new open orders in the ‘Order Book’.

For withdrawing funds from the TokenMarket Exchange, please click “Withdraw” on the Balances view, and follow the steps and confirmations on your wallet listed above.

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